Wednesday, March 20, 2013

18 months

 Britt turned 18 mo on the 16th it's crazy how fast he has grown up. He got to go to nursery for the first time on Sunday and was a little sad when dad left, but did really good and I am sure it helped to have Janelle in there who he plays with all the time. Britt is such a happy fun boy I am so so lucky. He eats and sleeps really well. At the Dr. Britt weighed 29 lbs and is 32in tall he is still a big boy and it doesn't look like he is going to stop any time soon. Some of Britt's favorite things are.
* Loves Micky mouse club house and toy story
* will eat anything but loves grapes and oranges
*has 12 teeth
* say mum, Dada, no, AO, hi,  ( moos at the cows)
* loves to check cows
* loves being outside
*growls and pulls faces at people
* hates getting his diaper changed recently
* loves helping cook ( mixing anything )
* helps sweep and do laundry
* is attached to his mom
* jabbers all the time
* waves hi and bye and blows kisses
* gives baby sister kisses
* likes his woody doll, throwing a ball and riding his bike
* gets so excited to see daddy when he gets home from work to play with him ( running after him )
* loves his baths
* hates brushing his teeth and combing his hair
* loves to be naked
* signs more and please
* goes to bed at 8 and gets up at 8 and takes a 1 to 4 hour nap in the day
Britt we love to so much and are so so glad your in our family your such a sweet happy boy. Thank you for being the light of our life and making us laugh. You will be the best big brother ever. I can't wait to watch you keep growing and learning new things me and daddy love you so much!

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  1. Britt boy you are such a cutie. We can't wait to come in April to play :)